Useful Links

Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre

The Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre (AWDC) engages and enables job seekers to connect with employers and service providers to take up opportunities in the workforce. The Centre welcomes you to explore and connect to opportunities through their website or contact one of their Aboriginal Workforce Development Centres which are located in Murray Street Perth, Broome, Bunbury, Geraldton or Kalgoorlie.

DTWD Apprenticeship Office

The role of the Apprenticeship Office is to focus on fulfilling the statutory function of administration and regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships

Careers Centre

The Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Career Centre website is designed to help you access key information.  Whether you’re looking for work, planning a career or deciding on a training path, being fully informed will help you get out of the starting gate on the right foot.

Department of Training and Workforce Development

This site is a gateway to Western Australia’s Department of Training and Workforce Development and provides advice and information on training and workforce development.

Resource Generator

The Resource Generator enables RTOs and trainers to access information about units of competencies, qualifications and learning resources.

Service Skills Australia

The Service Skills website will give you details of Training Packages covered by the RAPS Training Council.

State Priority Occupation List (SPOL)

The State Priority Occupation List (SPOL) is an annually produced list of jobs that are high in demand and/or have demonstrated significant unmet demand in Western Australia. The Department of Training and Workforce Development produces the list in consultation with key stakeholders, including the State’s ten training councils.

State Training Board

The role of the Board is to provide high level expert advice to the Minister on matters relating to vocational education and training (VET)  and workforce developments in Western Australia.

Training Accreditation Council

The Training Accreditation Council (TAC) is responsible for assuring the quality of vocational education and training in Western Australia.

(formerly The National Training Information Service)
This website provides information on a range of current vocational education and training (VET) issues, developments, events, publications and contacts in the VET sector.

VET Info Net

This website provides information on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Western Australia.

Western Australian Training Councils

This link provides a list of Training Councils, their contact details and industry sector coverage.

WestOne Services (DTWD)

WestOne Services supports the strategic priorities of the Department of Training and Workforce Development through the development of Vocational Education and Training products and services. Visit WestOne Services for more information.

Workplace Essentials for Better Business

The Workplace Essentials website provides small to medium businesses with a ‘one-stop’ gateway to find useful information, templates, links and resources that can help them to better plan, attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce.

By investing time into getting your workforce planning and development processes right today, businesses can be better placed to meet their business goals today and tomorrow.

The Workplace Essentials website has recently released a series of brochures that are available on the Workplace Essentials for Better Business website.